Ooh La La by Josie Dunne is Conor’s Next Big Thing this week!

Hear the tune at 7:30pm every day!

Every week on Fun Kids, Conor picks a tune to crown as her Next Big Thing!

It’s always a tune that gets him up and moving and one he thinks is going to be huge in the coming weeks and months.

This week he’s gone for Ooh La La by Josie Dunne!

Check out the vid below!

Josie Dunne is American singer/songwriter signed to Atlantic Records, debuting as an artist in 2018.

Everyone in Josie’s family creates. Her sister is a dancer, her older brother is a painter, and her younger brother is a graphic designer and actor. 

She learned piano, taught herself guitar, took singing lessons, and began flying to Nashville during high school for writing sessions.

There’s a nerdy vibe to Josie’s tunes and she’s the first to admit that. Josie’s music isn’t just about being cool; it’s about being your authentic self.

Hear Ooh La La every day at 7:30pm this week!

Plus Conor will be counting down the hottest tunes in the world in the Pop 7 at 7.

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