The Fun Kids website (and our friends who help us with things) sometimes leave little text files, called cookies, on your computer. We use these to help us work out which pages you’ve looked at and what adverts we’ve shown you.

The cookies we leave behind don’t often tell us anything about you – it’s more like a membership number that we give your computer.

In the future we might use these files so the website better remembers you if you register or enter a competition.

We often work with some friends who help us do extra bits and bobs on our websites.

Google, the people you often search the internet with, count all of the people who visit our website (using a thing called Google Analytics). They also help us show the adverts as well (using a thing called DoubleClick for Publishers).

Because Google help lots of different websites do these things their cookie helps them keep a list of these different sites. If you (or your Mum and Dad) are logged into Google they might use other things they know about you – like your age or where you live – to do things like show you adverts they think you might like.

Google lets you manage these sort of things here:

Cookies are one of the things that really help us make the Fun Kids website, if you’re ever worried about what we leave on your computer you can easily remove them all yourself. The details are here:

If you (or your Mum and Dad) ever want to talk to us about this stuff, you can email Matt (who’s our chief cookie baker) – his email address is [email protected].