All about underwater engineering in the latest episode of Undercover Engineers!

On this episode of Undercover Engineering, we’re diving deep into the exciting world of underwater engineering.

Did you know the Earth’s oceans cover a whopping 71% of the planet? That’s a whole lot of water!

Underwater engineers are like superheroes exploring the mysterious ocean depths.

They use cool tech like Remotely Operated and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (ROVs and AUVs) to take pictures, collect samples, and even fix things on the ocean floor.

These robots do the job without putting humans in danger.

But it’s not just about exploring โ€“ engineers are also helping protect our oceans.

They’re using 3D printing to rebuild coral reefs and finding ways to generate clean energy from ocean waves.

Imagine capturing the power of waves to make electricity โ€“ it’s like magic!

We chatted with Stewart Fairbairn from the National Oceanography Centre, who’s an expert in marine technology.

He told us about the awesome work they do, and we even tried to figure out how many oceans there are.

Did you know there’s a bit of a debate among scientists? Some say there are four oceans, while others recognize five, including the Southern (Antarctic) Ocean.

Whether you dream of exploring the ocean or inventing cool gadgets, engineering can take you on amazing adventures.

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