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In this episode, we’re zooming into something super exciting โ€“ racing cars, especially the ones in Formula 1!

Imagine cars going crazy fast, from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just three seconds! These cars are like superheroes on wheels. But you know what makes them so incredible? It’s not just the speed; it’s the super-smart engineers who design them.

In this episode, the hosts, Lloydie and Becky, take us behind the scenes of Formula 1.

They tell us how these cool engineers work on making the cars go even faster and be super safe. There’s a lot of math, science, and teamwork involved.

They also chat with a real engineer, Thomas Critchlow from McLaren’s Formula One team.

He’s like an engineer who designs special parts for the racing car. Thomas tells us about the exciting moments when he sees his designs in action during races.

But it’s not just about going fast; these engineers are thinking about the planet too! They’re using eco-friendly materials and even looking into electric racing.

Thomas gives tips to people who dream of becoming motorsports engineers โ€“ like being good at solving problems and trying out hands-on experiments.

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