DISNEY100: THE EXHIBITION Mickey Mouse, Frozen and Marvel!

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This week is a Disney Special!

Conor goes behind the scenes of a brand new exhibition that’s opened at the ExCeL in London all about the past 100 years of Disney.

He’s exploring his top 5 picks from the exhibition and chatting to some VERY special guests!


Let It Go from across the world

The Frozen exhibit includes a version of Let It Go that is sung in loads of different languages!

You can see all the different singers in the studio singing their version too!

Chatting to Eric Goldberg

Conor got chatting to Eric Goldberg about being an animator at Disney. Eric created the Genie in Aladdin!

He even drew Conor as a Disney character!

Marvel Props

Conor was so excited to see the Iron Man helmet and the Captain America shield!

Did you know that the shield was a different shape initially but when another superhero had a similar shield, they changed it to the famous round shield!

Cinderella’s Slipper

Embed from Getty Images

Conor found Cinderella’s slipper on display in one of the 10 galleries!

Unfortunately it wasn’t in his size!

Mickey Mouse

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Conor got chatting to Brett Iwan, THE VOICE OF MICKEY MOUSE!

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