FIFA SPECIAL: FC24 tips, Fifa through the years and Mario Kart 8

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This week is a Fifa special!

Conor is celebrating the release of the new FC24 game and telling you all his best tips and tricks to win every match.

We will be going back in time to explore the history of the game and he’s joined by our gaming expert Sean, to see if he really is as good as he thinks at the game!

The Fifa series is the best selling sport video game of all time!

It Is full of all your favourite football stars and all the different championships you can play through!

You can play with your mates, play online or practise your skills and train up your players so you become the best player on the game.


This is the year the first Fifa game came out! It was called Fifa 94 and came out just before Christmas!

None of the players were based on real players, the crowd couldn’t move but there were 76 different nations to play with.

It wasn’t for another 3 years that Fifa were allowed to use the names of real players in the game.

The animation looks really bad in comparison to now, but at the time it was awesome!

One of the funniest things to do in the game was to run away from the referee so they couldn’t give you a red card!


Now this year, fifa 2001 was released. It was the first year you could play ONLINE!

You could start using hacks to win games in sneaky ways and they introduced the power bar so you can decide how much power you wanted to shoot with!


The graphics on this version are so much better than 2000!

There are more modes to play with where you can do tournaments, careers and compete in different seasons.

One of the best changes specific to Fifa 13 was the start of season mode where you can play against people who are just as good as you!

That means you’re not playing boring matches against rubbish players!

It also had a great sound track with I’m on top of the world by Imagine Dragons.


Pete has the best tips for how to always win Mario Kart!

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