Inclusivity in Engineering

Listen to the latest episode of Undercover Engineers below!

In this month’s episode of Undercover Engineers, we’re talking to Eneni Bambara-Abban, a young black engineer who has become a trailblazer and mentor for women in the industry! 

She tells us about her inspiring story and I can tell you now, she’s a seriously impressive person!

Why is inclusivity important?

Put simply, inclusivity promotes diversity, equal opportunity and creates an environment where everyone feels valued and respected. 

It’s also important because when individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences come together, they can share ideas, challenge each other’s assumptions, and create truly innovative solutions to complex problems. 

In engineering, inclusivity is particularly important because the industry has historically been dominated by white males. 

Now, that doesn’t mean the industry hasn’t come up with amazing innovations – but this lack of diversity can limit perspectives and ideas, leading to less creative solutions.

Encouraging women and people from ethnic minorities and other minority groups, to join the engineering industry is crucial to breaking down barriers and promoting diversity and helps the industry make the best use of all the talent out there.

We heard in the last episode of Undercover Engineering from Eneni Bambara-Abban, a young black engineer who works in the field of robotics – she’s used the tech to do all sorts of amazing things – even embedding her bank chip on her acrylic nail!

Sadly, Eneni has encountered bias, micro aggressions and racism in the course of her career – but she has become an inspiring example and mentor for young black women in engineering, with her company The Techover. 

She spoke to us about the challenges she’s faced, how she overcame them, and the advice she gives to others who might face similar challenges.

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