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Do you know how your town was built? Although the roads might look all squiggly and funny, there’s a very good reason they were made that way!

People called ‘town planners‘ help design and construct the places we live, work, and spend our free time.

That’s what Anna is finding out in our new podcast series, Agent Plan-It!

Agent Plan-It is on a mission to help Anna discover what town planning is all about. Along the way, Anna learns about the environment, how towns are changing from the olden days, and why towns are really important!

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Find out more about town planning with Agent Plan-It: How to Build a Town!

Agent Plan-It is part of our Building Towns & Cities podcast series.

MOBILE: Building Towns and Cities: Planning and Architecture Explained for Kids

Discover how towns and cities are built!

Agent Plan-It, created with support from the Royal Town Planning Institute.

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