MATILDA SPECIAL: Matilda the musical through time

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This week is a Matilda special !

Conor is getting the time travelling remote control out to take us back to some very special years in the history of Matilda!


In 1988 the amazing author Roald Dahl wrote a very special book about a young girl called Matilda!

Did you know, some of the characters in Matilda were inspired by people Roald Dalh knew!

The scary Miss Trunchball was inspired by the mean Mrs Pratchett who looked after Roald Dahl’s local sweet shop when he was young and Mr Wormwood, Matilda’s dad was inspired by a neighbour of his!

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1996 is the year that the first Matilda movie came out.

It’s directed by Danny Devito who also plays Mr Wormwood!

There are lots of differences between the two movies!

How many can you spot


The year the stage show Matilda the Musical started!

The stage showe features all your favourite songs, the most amazing set design and all your favoutite characters in real life!

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AND Pete from Mega Mag is here to tell us all about Minecraft Legends!


Lead your allies in heroic battles to defend the Overworld from the destructive piglins.

The piglins are trying to corrupt the Overworld and turn it into a Nether wasteland!

Are you the hero who will protect this gentle land?

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