Brand new stories on the Fun Kids Story Quest podcast! Hear Professor Phlegm and the Lost Treasure Hunt now!

Check out the latest episode below!

There’s a brand new story in the Fun Kids Story Quest podcast channel!

Story Quest is full of great tales that are perfect for all ages. You can download and listen to them where and whenever you like – in the car, at home or just before bedtime… and there’s a new episode each week.

Our new story is Professor Phlegm and the Lost Treasure Hunt.

In the first episode of this new story, Devin has just moved to the small town Clenchwart – it’s the middle of the summer holiday and he is bored out of his wits!

He attempts to find a summer job, if only to give him something to do! Upon his search, he is entranced by the strange sounds of whispering, the same voices he’s been hearing in his sleep every night…

Don’t worry if you’ve missed any episodes of our older story, Bryony Brownwell’s Mystery Project, as that’s still available to listen to.

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