Hapi The Dolphin

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In this episode we bring Josh’s story Hapi The Dolphin – to life.

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Read along to Hapi The Dolphin

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time.

Hapi The Dolphin 

Hapi the Dolphin raced through the deep blue sea, slicing through the water like a torpedo. 


His heart pounded with anticipation as he chased a school of mischievous clownfish. They had stolen a freshly baked apple pie from a sunken shipwreck, and Hapi was determined to catch them. The clownfish darted through the coral maze, giggling to themselves as they bobbed up and down, just out of Hapi’s reach.  

They thought they would get away with it, but not with Hapi around! 

With a powerful flip of his tail, Hapi closed in on the pie, and with a triumphant leap, he snatched it from the clutches of the clownfish. As he descended back into the depths, the defeated clownfish swam away, leaving Hapi victorious with his prized apple pie held high like a flag of triumph. 

“Nice catch, Hapi!” a familiar voice called out. It was Gaspod, the friendly octopus with eight purple tentacles, waving them excitedly in the water. 

Hapi grinned around the pie in his mouth. “Thanks, Gaspod! Want to share this pie with me?” 

Gaspod’s eyes lit up as he swam closer. “Absolutely! You know how much I love your pies.” 

Hapi and Gaspod had formed Pie Club. It was a club with just two members, but it meant Hapi could be Chief Pie Officer and Gaspod could be Head of Pie Adventures. Between them, they made Pie Club a very tasty club to be members of.  

Hapi and Gaspod found a cozy nook near the coral reef and devoured the apple pie that Hapi had saved. Together, they savoured each delicious bite like good Pie Club members. 

With satisfied tummies, Hapi and Gaspod swam lazily among the colourful fish, enjoying the serenity of the sea. The two friends shared stories, made plans for the day and wrote their thoughts on the pie in their Pie Club journal. They decided that after their underwater adventure, they would head home to indulge in their favorite dessert: wobbly, colourful jelly pudding. Because, as everyone knows, after a good pie, you need a wobbly, colourful jelly pudding.  

As they swam back to Hapi’s underwater cave, nestled inside a massive mountain beneath the sea, they couldn’t help but feel grateful for their unique friendship and their secret hiding place. 

Inside the cave, they were greeted by the friendly smile of Gabby, Gaspod’s father. “Hey, you two! How was your day?” 

“Amazing, Gabby!” Hapi exclaimed. “We chased a pie-thieving gang of clownfish, caught a pie, had a special Pie Club meeting and now it’s time for jelly pudding!” 

They raced to the kitchen area, where Squeaky, Hapi’s mom, had set out bowls of the jiggly, colourful dessert. The sight of the wobbly treat made them both laugh with excitement and started chanting… 

“Wobble wobble wobble, jelly jelly pudding. Wobble wobble wobble, jelly jelly pudding”  

“Ok, calm down you two” said Gaspod’s Dad, Gabby. “How about you both get around to eating it instead of singing about it?” 

And with a “om nom nom nom nom nom burp” they did exactly that. 

Just as they finished their pudding, a deep, ominous rumble reverberated through the water, sending shivers down their spines. The once-calm sea began to churn and swirl, like an underwater tempest taking shape. 

Hapi and Gaspod exchanged worried glances. “What’s happening, Mom?” Hapi asked Squeaky, his voice trembling. 

Squeaky’s eyes widened. “It’s a storm, my dear. A big one!” 

Gabby rushed over, his tentacles wriggling with concern. “We need to find a safe place to hide. Quick!” 

With a sense of urgency that you rarely have after a big pudding, they swam deeper into their mountain home, seeking shelter from the approaching event. The storm outside grew fiercer, its powerful waves threatening to engulf everything in their path. 

Inside the cave, the four friends huddled together, their hearts beating fast with worry. The storm raged on, the underwater world outside turning into a chaotic whirlpool of darkness, turmoil and unclaimed pies. 

But within their cozy cave, surrounded by colourful sea anemones and shiny seashells, Hapi, Gaspod, Squeaky, and Gabby felt safe and protected. They held onto each other tightly as the tempest raged outside. They knew that if they stuck together and waited, they would be ok, no matter how scary it got out in the big expanse of ocean.  

As the hours passed, the storm eventually subsided, and the sea returned to its calm, tranquil state. Hapi, Gaspod, Squeaky, and Gabby breathed sighs of relief, their worries giving way to gratitude for their safe haven, and the ability to all be together. 

In the aftermath of the storm, as the sun’s rays once again pierced the crystal-clear waters, Hapi and Gaspod knew that they possessed tow things that were very special: Firstly, a deep and enduring friendship that could withstand any challenge. Secondly, membership of the most amazing club that two friends could ever be members of; Pie Club. 

And with that they convened a special meeting of their club, with Squeaky and Gabby as special guests. Everyone was presented with a special pie to eat, which, of course, was followed by large portions of wobbly jelly pudding, as they all chanted… 

“Wobble wobble wobble, jelly jelly pudding. Wobble wobble wobble, jelly jelly pudding, wobble wobble wobble, jelly jelly pudding. Wobble wobble wobble, jelly jelly pudding…” 

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