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In this episode we bring Carys’ story – Super Sprout- to life.

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That’s just what Carys did. You can watch the story they suggested come to life below, plus they tell us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Read along to Super Sprout Here

You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time

Super Sprout woke up to hear a distressed cry. “Help. The fence is collapsing. I’m going to get crushed!!”

At that moment, Super Sprout noticed a cauliflower trapped under the collapsing fence. Without wasting a moment, he used his incredible flying power, fuelled by his farts, to lift the fence and rescue the cauliflower. The cauliflower was overjoyed and exclaimed, “Thank you, Super Sprout! You saved me from a squishy fate!” Super Sprout smiled, feeling happy to have helped a friend in need. Super Sprout lived in a beautiful garden filled with colourful flowers and lush green plants. He had a remarkable power—he could fly! But there was something special about his flying ability. You see, Super Sprout’s power came from his farts. Whenever he let out a toot, it gave him the power to soar through the sky. As you can imagine, there was one downside to his superpower—his gusts of bottom wind smelled really bad. Like, worse than any Dad fart.

Despite his heroic acts of bravery and kindness, Super Sprout was a bit lonely. Other vegetables in the garden just didn’t want to hang out with him because his superpower, though amazing, also made things a bit stinky. They found it hard to be around him, often making excuses that they needed to be in a different part of the vegetable patch.

“Sorry, Super Sprout, but the soil over here is much better for me to develop as a turnip” or “Oh I’d love to hang out Super Sprout but I’ve got an important meeting with a pear tree” were typical excuses he heard.

Super Sprout wondered why he couldn’t make friends like other sprouts could. Seeking guidance, he turned to his wise Sprout Dad. “Dad, why can’t I make friends? Is there something wrong with me?” Sprout Dad, with a warm smile, replied, “Oh, my dear Super Sprout, there is nothing wrong with you. Your powers are unique, and one day they will prove to be the making of you. Just you wait and see.”

Determined to find true friendship, Super Sprout kept using his powers for good. He set off on his flying adventures, looking for opportunities to help others and make a difference in the garden. One day, he spotted a mischievous rabbit chasing a scared carrot. Without hesitation, Super Sprout zoomed in, flying through the air powered by his farts.

“Here I coooooomeeeee”

Super Sprout rescued the carrot. But as he flew after the rabbit, the carrot rolled away in one direction while the rabbit hopped off in another. It seemed even the carrot didn’t want to be his friend.

Undeterred, Super Sprout’s quest for friendship led him to a turnip who was facing a different kind of challenge. This turnip had lost its sense of smell, which made it difficult for it to enjoy the fragrant scents of the garden or even find its way around. Super Sprout’s kind heart was touched, and he reached out to the turnip, offering his friendship and assistance. The turnip was grateful and gladly accepted Super Sprout’s friendship.

As Super Sprout spent time with the turnip, he discovered something amazing—the turnip had a special talent. It could sing beautifully! The turnip’s melodic voice resounded throughout the garden, bringing joy to all who heard it. Inspired by the turnip’s talent, Super Sprout had an idea. Together, they decided to create a music video for the turnip’s new song called “Wind.” Super Sprout became the star of the music video, showcasing all the great things he had done while using his unique powers for good.

When the music video was released, people from all around saw it and realised the incredible things Super Sprout had accomplished. They saw how he saved the cauliflower, rescued the carrot, and befriended the turnip despite his smelly farts. The garden was abuzz with excitement and admiration for Super Sprout’s kindness and bravery. All the vegetables realised that Super Sprout’s powers, although unusual, were a force for good.

Suddenly, the garden was filled with an outpouring of friendship and compassion. Vegetables from every corner wanted to be friends with Super Sprout. They realised they had been wrong. They saw beyond his smelly farts and recognised the amazing sprout he truly was.

Super Sprout, being a great sprout with a big heart, welcomed all the newfound friends with open leaves. He played, laughed, and shared delightful moments with the vegetables in the garden, creating a vibrant community filled with kindness, laughter and the occasional bottom burp.

Throughout all the excitement, Super Sprout never forgot the turnip who had accepted him for who he was from the very beginning. They remained the best of friends, supporting and encouraging each other through thick and thin. Super Sprout knew that no matter how many friends he made, the turnip would always be by his side.

And so, Super Sprout’s story spread far and wide, inspiring others to embrace their unique qualities and use them to make the world a better place. One day, if you are watching the news or maybe even looking up into the sky, you might just encounter Super Sprout – and if you don’t see him, you’ll probably still know he’s around somehow.

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