The Easter Egg O Tron

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In this episode we bring Delilah’s story, The Easter Egg O Tron – to life.

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That’s just what Delilah did. You can watch the story they suggested come to life below, plus they tell us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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Thank you to JOSEPH who created the character BABY BUNNY! Using the Story quest character creator! Thank you JOSEPH for creating such an excellent bunny for this easter story – what a dream combo! You can create YOUR own Storyquest characters on the Funkids website! Just go to – and use our special Storyquest Character Creator – and your character could appear in someone’s story!

You can read along to the Easter Egg O Tron below!

The Easter Egg-O Tron 

Jake liked to invent things and was pretty much your typical geeky kid but honestly we aren’t talking just about a bit of lego.  He had come up with some amazing inventions.  There was the Homework-O Matic which is pretty self explanatory and the Clean up Contraption.  Not as much fun as the Snack o Tron or the bubble blaster boots and OMG the giggle goggles.  

You’d think he might be quite popular but as he was quite shy he was kind of made fun of a bit which is mean but he didn’t notice too much.   

Anyway one person who was very mean to him was a girl called Amelia Jane.  She 

Amelia Jane kept rabbits – she had lots of bunnies five in fact… and you’ll be pleased to hear that she wasn’t mean to the bunnies.  I mean how could you be mean to a bunny! 

It was the day before easter and something really weird happened to Amelia Jane.  She came down in the morning to feed her rabbits.  One…. Two… three… four… five… and hang on SIX? 

A tiny baby rabbit that she’d never seen before was in the hutch with the others.  He looked rather strange, almost MAGICAL?  And that was before it began to speak.  Yup I said speak. 

“You have to help!  The Easter Bunny’s sick – he’s got a runny bunny tum and a dose of Burronovirus – and there’s no one to deliver the eggs!” 

“Wait what now?  Sorry, you’re a talking BUNNY?” 

“Yes yes yes… Magic talking bunny.  We haven’t got time for this!” 

“Why are you talking to me?” 

“Well I saw all the bunnies and thought you must be a decent sort.” 

Amelia Jane felt a pang of guilt.  She remembered getting told off for being mean and said nothing.  But a thought occurred to her.  SHE might not know how to help the easter bunny but she knew someone who did… 

She promised that she’d do her best and ran to find a certain geeky kid with a knack for making invetions.  I’ll be honest he wasn’t particularly pleased to see Amelia Jane and scowled at her for a bit. 

“So you want my help?” 

“Yes! A tiny baby bunny appeared 

“A bunny.  OK, that’s normal.” 

“It was a talking bunny” 

“Have you had too many sugary drinks?  Bunnies don’t talk!” 

“Well this one did and he says that the main Easter Bunny is very ill with a very Runny Bunny Tum.” 

“A very runny bunny tum?” 

“Yeah – it’s a type of Burronovirus apparently.  Only rabbits get it.” 

“BURROnoVIRUS! This is bonkers!” 

“Yeah and I know usually that’s your department but we have to help.” 

Well that did it, there was no time to lose!  Jake had a think and got to work on some amazing new contraptions.  These would be bigger, better, more EGGSellent than anyt that had come before.  EGGselent… did you see what I did there.  Better get used to it because not gonna lie there’s going to be more egg gags. So Buckle in.  Or should that be CLUCKLE in. 


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