The Great Nit Adventure!

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In this episode we bring Harrison’s story – Magic Girls Save The Wood!- to life.

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That’s just what Harrison did. You can watch the story they suggested come to life below, plus they tell us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time

“What is happening to my head???” Tilly woke with a scream. It felt like her head was being tickled by a hundred miniature hands and she hated it.. She looked up. She scratched. She ruffled her hair. “Arrrrghhhhh”

The itchiness in her hair that seemed to dance around like fireflies on a summer night. She scratched and scratched, but the itchiness wouldn’t go away. She sighed, puzzled, and looked at herself in the mirror. To her surprise, tiny specks, like little adventurers, were climbing around her hair.

Tilly lived in a quaint little village nestled between rolling hills and sparkling rivers. Tilly had the most beautiful, sun-kissed hair that shimmered like spun gold. Her days were usually filled with laughter, playtime, and playing the clarinet. But not today. Today was ruuuubbbish. And very itchy.

If you join me a second, we can zoom in with a magical lens, and if you listen carefully you’ll hear a chorus of tiny voices. The nits, the tiny critters responsible for the itch, were talking to each other. “We’ve waited for years, and finally, we’ve found the perfect hair to live in!” they cheered. The thought they had hit the hair jackpot.

Back in the real world, it was time for school. Ugh. Imagine walking all the way down River Lane to Hopkins Middle School with a REALLY itchy head. It was a nightmare but in real life. By the time Tilly found herself at school she was in a super bad mood. The sun might have been shining, the birds might have been chirping, but Tilly was not a happy pupil. And it was about to get worse…

Mean Meryl was up to her mean tricks again. She giggled at Tilly, tripped her up in the hallway, and made Tilly’s school day even worse. Mean Meryl was mean to everyone but she had this ability to always pick out who was having a bad day and make it worse. Tilly wasn’t a big fan of Mean Meryl at the best of times, but today – oh today Tilly was really done with Mean Meryl’s mean-ness.

Tilly was determined to solve her hair dilemma. The next few days after school, she tried all sorts of lotions and potions. Firstly, there was a lotion that smelled like strawberries. It was a pink colour and as she put it on her hair she noticed that it was turning her hair red. This was really bad news. Mean Meryl would just make fun of her the next day. What’s worse, it didn’t get rid of the nits. So next day, she had to cope with Mean Meryl calling her “traffic light” all day.

The next day, Tilly got a potion that bubbled like magic. Surely this would work? The bubbling got louder and it started to foam and then, Tilly started to notice something very very bad. It was a smell worse than anything she’d ever encountered – and she’d once had to use to toilet after her older brother! This smell went round the whole of her house and so her mum and dad told her she had to stay in her room until the smell went away.

And the nits? Well, the nits were still in Tilly’s hair.

The following day, Tilly tried another lotion. At first it did nothing. It just made her hair a bit greasy, but then she heard the strangest noise…. It was a sort of hissing sound at first, and as it got louder, Tilly noticed her hair was standing on end. It looked like she’d had an

electric shock. Her hair was rigid too. It would have been dangerous for anyone else to come near as they might have got hurt. So, again, Tilly had to stay in until it had worn off. She missed a whole weekend, sitting upright. She even had to sleep upright!

The nits, who had been waiting for their dream hair, grew grumpy. They began shouting in their tiny voices, making Tilly’s head feel even itchier. But Tilly, being the curious and kind-hearted girl she was, decided to give them a chance.

One quiet night, Tilly lay in bed, her ears attuned to the tiny voices. She began to talk back. “Why are you so upset? Why did you pick my hair?”

The nits were surprised by Tilly’s gentle words. They opened up about their hopes and dreams, explaining how they wanted a peaceful home. They were tired of being seen as troublemakers. They just wanted somewhere to live.

Tilly, filled with empathy, shared her plan. “Let’s find you a new home, a place where you won’t make anyone itch.”

The nits agreed, and they put their tiny heads together. Tilly remembered Mean Meryl, whose wild and curly hair could be a perfect fit. The nits agreed to the idea and were excited to start fresh.

On Monday, at school, Tilly sat on her own at break time. Mean Meryl came up to her and asked “what’s up with your hair today? It’s weird again”. It was at that point that the nits knew what they had to do. Like a might army, they jumped across to their new home and left Tilly to enjoy the rest of her day.

The next morning, as the sun stretched its golden arms across the village, Mean Meryl woke up with a fierce itchiness on her head. She scratched and scratched, just like Tilly had done before. Unbeknownst to her, the nits were now the new guests in her curly hair, having their own secret night hair party!

As for Tilly, her hair was finally free from the constant itchiness. She felt proud of herself for helping the nits and couldn’t help but notice a change in Mean Meryl. The once-mean girl seemed a little less mean and a little more understanding. It turns out, she had made friends with the nits – they had lots in common. They would stay up late making up stories and laughing at jokes.

The rest of the village thought this was the best thing, partly because it was nice that Mean Meryl wasn’t as mean anymore, but mainly because none of them woke up in the morning scratching their heads and yelling “arrrrrgghhhh”!

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