Worst Day At School EVER!

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In this episode we bring Harrison’s story – Worst Day At School EVER!- to life.

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That’s just what Harrison did. You can watch the story they suggested come to life below, plus they tell us all about the inspiration behind the story at the end.

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You can read along to the story while you listen. Just follow the text below. Don’t worry if you find a word tricky – you can pause the video whenever to give yourself more time

The worst day of school ever

Granny was waiting in the getaway car. “Hurry up, slowcoach!” The old lady yelled through her thick black balaclava. “DON’T YOU DARE!” Yelled the headmaster! Harry was sprinting across the playground to the school gates. The Headmaster, Mr. Puzzles was gaining on them. The large bag of diamonds was weighing Harry down and causing his arm and shoulder to ache. He wasn’t supposed to become a burglar for real today. He loved playing robbers with his mates in the playground as a joke… But this was totally different.Β 

“HURRY SLUG BOY!” shrieked Granny. Slug boy?! thought Harry indignantly, I’ve just hauled this massive bag of swag across the school for you, you cranky old bag.Β 

Harry dived through the open window of the getaway car, in a move Grandma had been teaching him since he was four. “Good jump Slug Boy” said Grandma in a rare moment of pride. “Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…” The old lady slammed the pedal to the metal as the car lurched forward and with a massive SMASH ploughed straight into Polly the dinnerladies’ ford fiesta.Β 

“Whoopsadaisy” said Granny as she adjusted her balaclava so she could actually see… “STOP!” OH NO! Mr. Puzzles was at the open window and his long suited arm was grabbing for the bag of diamonds in Harrys arms. “GIVE ME THOSE!!” he shrieked, eyes wild, globules of anger spit hanging in his weird little beard. 

Harry clung onto the bag of diamonds with all his might. Like a Brazilian Yellow Tree Slug clinging on to a tree branch during a storm. Granny slammed the car into reverse and CRASH, ploughed straight into Jeremy the lollipop man’s bright red Ferrari. Harry always wondered how Jeremy the lollipop man had such a nice car. Nice no more.Β 

“Knew i shouldnt have bothered parallell parking” muttered Granny. “HURRY!!” SCREAMED HARRY! Mr. Puzzles was trying to prize his fingers apart. With a Zooooom Granny’s car lurched forward. Now I’m sure at your school, the roads are designed for people to drive carefully and slowly for the safety of children. They aren’t ideal for getaway car chases. There’s speed bumps and bollards to dodge. Granny ignored all those obstacles and rammed through them with her seemingly indestructible Beetle.Β 

Harry breathed a sigh of relief… Until he saw Mr. puzzles’ hands were still grasping onto the side of the car. “This can NOT be happening” sighed Harry. He thought his day was bad when Maths (his least favourite subject) went on for am hour later. Or that they also had English the same day… But then he got the message. The message on the phone Grandma had instructed him to hide in the reading corner. GET THE HEADMASTERS DIAMONDS NOW ITS TIME x x x the ominous message read. And Harry had to spring into action. It was an operation that had been planned for weeks. He’d been nervous about it the whole time. He couldn’t wait for it to be over. But it had to be a success. Mr. Puzzles couldn’t get these diamonds. After all their hard work.Β 

Harry had an idea. In his bag for maths he had a big panda calculator. It was giant and robust. Harry released the diamonds for a second, plulled out the calculator and PLONK whacked the grasping fingers of Mr. puzzles. “GOOD WORK SLUG BOY!” yelled Granny. And with three big whacks of the panda calculator, Mr. puzzles fell from the car into the road with a NoooOOOooo! and rolled smaller and smaller into the distance. ‘SO ALONG SUCKER!” yelled Granny… 

Harry was jubilant. Theyd done it! He hugged the bag of diamonds. The mission was a success… he imagined running away to a tropical island where him and Granny would drink juice, frolic in the sea and play Mario Kart. Maybe hed have a pet toucan? he’d call it Logan.  He was brought back from the island paradise with a thud.. His heart sank… 

As they turned out of grubberdale way… The car was faced with a wall of blue flashing lights… it was The police. There were police cars lined up all across the main road. There was a swat team! Armed to the teeth and all their weapons were aimed at Grannys car. Grannys car had survived so much. But harry didnt think it could survive a swat team. 


Yelled the sergeant. Harry looked at Granny. “What are we going to do?” Granny gave him a mischievous wink. She grabbed the diamonds and got out of the car. “Hands up!” Yelled the sergeant again. “Remove your mask” and Granny pulled off the balaclava. 

“You too slug boy” said Granny to Harry who was still frozen in the car. Surely Granny wasnt going to give herself up that easily? 

Granny held out the bag of diamonds and the sergeant walked forward and to Harrys shock. Granny handed the diamonds over. What was she doing!? What happened next stunned Harry rigid. In fact he would be less surprised if Logan Paul burst out the car glove compartment and poured an entire bottle of prime over Harrys head. 

Granny. Gave the sergeant a MASSIVE hug. WHAT??!  Harry jumped out of the car. Whats going on??! 

“Son, your granny is a hero” said the sergeant. Your headmaster is one of the most notorious diamond thieves in the country. WHAT!! “Im not the real hero” said Granny. I couldnt have done it without someone very special and heroic. Harry beamed with pride… “Thank you… Jeremy” said Grandma. As Jeremy the Lollipop man, who was now im detective clothes emerged from the crowd. “Jeremys been working undercover on this case for years. Thank you jeremy” said Granny as Jeremy blushed with pride. And they engaged in a passionate kiss which was ridiculously gross. “Puzzles is in the road, ready to be arrested” said Granny. “Good work everyone!”

What about me?! Yelled Harry.

Oh yeah. Well done slug boy. Said granny. 

This was the worst day of school ever. 

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