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On The EDGE Conservation (OTEC) is a foundation that’s all about celebrating nature’s most weird-and-wonderful species.

That’s why they have just launched three playful animal vloggers: Lexi the aye-aye, Eric the pangolin and Tegan the kakapo. They have a YouTube channel and can also be found on social media, where they share their highs, lows, successes and slip-ups — with plenty of laughs along the way. We hope you’ll love getting to know them!

All three of the vloggers are lesser-known EDGE species: that means they’re evolutionarily distinct and globally endangered. So they’re very excited to have their platforms to tell you all about themselves, and share what makes them special!

Lexi — an aye-aye from Madagascar — is a superstar DJ in the making who loves fashion and LOVES to dance. She is friends with a free-spirited kakapo called Tegan — who’s passionate about acting, rollerskating and living her best life — and Eric the activist pangolin, who’s all about facts, facts, facts!

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