Anna Hogg on the Thwaites Glacier, finding out about earthquakes on Mars and toxic caterpillars invade London!

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Every week, Dan presents the Fun Kids Science Weekly – a 60-minute show every Saturday at 2pm on Fun Kids that’s packed with the latest and greatest science news and info!

This week, he’s chatting to Anna Hogg who is a glaciologist. That’s someone who studies glaciers and ice!

Anna joins Dan on the Science Weekly podcast to chat all about the Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica and why scientists from all over the world are studying it.

Dangerous Dan‘s also here and is looking at deadly (and gross) chemicals that are used to clean toilets and launch rockets.

And we find out more about the scientists are tracking earthquakes on Mars… Marsquakes!

There’s also a toxic caterpillar outbreak in the UK which has left scientists warning members of the public to be careful around our furry friends, and we’re learning about cretaceous sealife in another episode of Age of the Dinosaurs!

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Science has got to be one of the coolest subjects around… there’s so many amazing things to discover, from terrifying triceratops to gigantic galaxies!

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