Dan chats about plastic in our oceans with Peter Kohler of The Plastic Tide and discovers one of the most powerful volcano eruptions ever in the Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast!

Listen to the latest episode below!

Another week, another episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast! In this episode, Dan chats to Peter Kohler. He’s the founder and director of The Plastic Tide.

That’s a charity made up of ocean, science and technology enthusiasts who are obsessed with working out ways to keep our beaches and seas clear of marine litter and plastics.

Peter chats to Dan about how plastic is affecting our oceans and what we can do to help.

As if that wasn’t enough, Dangerous Dan is heading back 74,000 years to one of the most powerful volcanic eruptions ever!

We’re also finding out why feeding birds in your back garden might not be such a good idea, and what would happen if you were sick in space… Yuck!

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