Daniel Clark from the Story Museum talks about a brand new show on the Fun Kids Science Weekly

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In every episode of the Fun Kids Science Weekly, Dan explores the wonders of the universe and uncovers fascinating science secrets!

In this episode, we’re learning about a brand new show at the Story Museum that uses giant insects to teach us how to take care of our planet…

The Story Museum in Oxford celebrates the power of storytelling and imagination!

Daniel explains that the revolves around giant insects as characters who engage with visitors and guide them through an immersive experience.

These larger-than-life insects serve as both tools and sources of inspiration, encouraging you to think critically about your own impact on the planet and to take action to protect it!

Science in the News

Every week, Dan finds out about what’s happening in the world.

This week, we explore the adventures of a black bear that ventured into an American bakery, devouring 60 cupcakes! We also learn about the discovery of strange creatures in the Clarion Clipperton zone of the Pacific Ocean, which raises questions about deep-sea mining and the need to protect marine life.

Plus, scientists have uncovered 4,000-year-old plague DNA in Britain, shedding light on the history of this devastating disease…

All of that (and more!) in this week’s Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast.

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