The Bright Ideas Challenge, a brain eating amoeba and a shaky Spanish city in the Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast with Dan!

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Every Saturday, Dan presents the Fun Kids Science Weekly! If you missed it, you can download the podcast for free and listen any time.

This week, Dan’s chatting to Bobby Segull and Emma Wyatt of The Bright Ideas Challenge! That was created to help inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

They chat all about how we could power the cities of the future and the brand new findings that show that kids think they are the key to changing the world for the better through science!

Plus Dangerous Dan is discovering a tiny single-celled organism that will eat your brain!

We also find out why Barcelona shakes from time to time – and we’re pitching carnivores and herbivores against each other in the Age of the Dinosaurs!

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The science podcast for kids with Dan exploring the weirdest and coolest stuff in science!

Science has got to be one of the coolest subjects around… there’s so many amazing things to discover, from terrifying triceratops to gigantic galaxies!

So if you love everything science as much as we do, check out the Fun Kids Science Weekly! In each episode, Dan from Fun Kids takes a look at the week’s biggest science stories. There’s also some amazing special guests, episodes from our favourite science series, and top experts answering all your science-related questions!

It’s basically loads of amazing science stuff – crammed into a twenty minute chunk! Prepare to have your mind blown!

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