Hit and Miss with Dan: Defoe & Everton!

The season is drawing to a close!

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Sunderland started the weekend in the relegation zone,  and at half time they were 2-1 down to Chelsea. It looked like the end of the Black Cats time in the Premier League.

Step Up, Jermain Defoe!

With 3 points a must for Sunderland, the ball dropped to the striker in the box, he took a touch, spun and stuck in one move to smash the ball into the net and grab the win

Defoe has scored 15 goals this season, so if Sunderland stay up it will mostly be because of the striker.11 of those goals have been to rescue draws and wins for the Black Cats!

And with the winner against Chelsea, he’s like Robin Hood, coming to the rescue to take points from the rich and give to the poor!



The Toffees have a pretty fantastic attacking team this season.

One of England’s great future players, Ross Barkley.

Deulofeu from Barcelona, and one of the divisions top scorers, Romelu Lukaku.

 Which is why it’s such a surprise that Everton have had such a poor season, and will finish in the bottom half of the league.

And it’s why many of their fans aren’t that happy with manager Roberto Martinez * STICK IN A PICTURE OF ANNOYED EVERTON FANS WITH A BANNER *

Most people say that their worst performance of the season was at the weekend, a 3-1 away loss to the Champions Leicester, where they didn’t seem to try at all.

But for me, I think they weren’t trying on purpose.

They saw the packed out crowds crying because the Toffee’s won the league.

The huge celebrations happening, and Leicester didn’t want to ruin it!

They were just trying to join in with Jamie Vardy’s Party!


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