MOTD MAG EXCLUSIVE: Double interview!


Liverpool stars Dejan Lovren and Emre Can tell MOTD mag about their school days!


Hi Dejan, tell us what you were like when you were at school!

Dejan says: “At age 10 I moved from Germany back to my home country, Croatia. It was tough, but I eventually made friends and the experience helped me a lot!”


Can you remember any really embarrassing moments at school?

Dejan says: “Once a teacher found me cheating during a test! They made me do a maths equation in front of everyone, but I fainted and fell on the floor – I was unconscious!”

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If you could have met anyone at school, who would it have been?

Dejan says: “Tough question! Maybe Zidane Zidane. For me Zizou, at this time, was the best ever. He played football like a piano. I met him when I played against Real Madrid for Lyon. I wasn’t star-struck, but he is a big, big star for me now and forever!”


Did anyone else at your school make it as a professional athlete?

Dejan says: “No. I was one in a million, I would say – it’s really tough to make it. You need a lot of luck and a lot of willpower to go through hard times and be consistent!”


Hi Emre, did you enjoy school when you were a kid?

Emre says: “Of course some days yes I enjoyed school, but other days I was too tired because it was so early! Everyone learns at school and it’s very, very important for every kid!”


Can you remember the first medal you won for sport at school?

Emre says: “My first was for 400m running! In Germany we did a sports day once a year and I always came first – not just in 400m, but also in the long jump and sprinting!”

UEFA Europa League 2014/15 Round of 32 Second Leg Besiktas v Liverpool Atatürk Olimpiyat Stad?, Istanbul, Turkey - 26 Feb 2015

What was your least favourite subject in the classroom?

Emre says: “I hated English lessons – it was my hardest subject, but now I have improved my English! It’s very funny that I now live in England – it’s strange to think about this now!”


Be honest, on the footy pitch, were you the best in school?

Emre says: “To be honest – yes! I remember everyone wanted to pick me for their team. It was so cool!”



Geography: Where was Jordan Henderson born?

Emre: “Newcastle?”

Close he’s from Sunderland!

History: When was the last time Liverpool won the Champions League?

Emre: “2005 – in Istanbul!”


Maths: What is Lovren’s age + your age + Jurgen Klopp’s age?

Emre: “96!”


Science: If you injured your Gastrocnemius, which part of your body would hurt?

Emre: “I’m not a Doctor! What’s that? Knee?”

It’s your calf!

English: How do you spell embarrassment?

Emre: “E-m-b-r-i-m-r-b-a-s-m-t… that’s wrong – I can spell my name though!”


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