The Arsenal and England star tells MOTD what it takes to become a national hero!


1. You’re one of the best midfielders in the game – what’s your secret?

Fara says: “I watch football all the time. I used to like watching Dortmund under Klopp and I watch all the top teams. I think the fact that I try to understand the game has kept me a little bit above other people that just play the game because they’re good at it!”

SSE Women's Cup Final Media Day

2. Women’s football keeps growing every year – what’s the next step for the game?

Fara says: “For me, we’ve got to get people through the gates. We have a great fanbase on social media, but actually coming through the turnstile is the problem at the moment. It would just be nice if we could get more than a few hundred through the doors!”

Fara Williams

3. You scored a crucial penalty at the World Cup last summer – what’s your secret to staying so calm?

Fara says: “I watch penalties and I think we rush too much – players put it down and just want to take it straight away. For me, my strategy is to take a few seconds before I hit the ball to compose myself, wait for all the hype to die down and then execute it!”


4. What would you say to a future young Fara Williams out there who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Fara says: “First of all you just have to enjoy playing the game. When I stop enjoying it, I’m going to retire. You have to want to work hard and listen and learn. That’s why I’ve come to Arsenal – to learn new things under a new manager!”

Germany v England: Third Place Play-off - FIFA Women's World Cup 2015

5. Do you think we’ll ever see a woman sign for a men’s team?

Fara says: “No – and I don’t think they should. Physically, we can never compete with the men. On a skill and tactical level, we are certainly up there with the best in the world. But in my opinion, physically we just can’t compete. I encourage young girls to play in boys’ teams, though!”

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