MOTD MAG: Exclusive interview with the real Dele Alli

MOTD spoke to the Spurs baller and PFA Young Player Of The Year about TV, music and the moment that changed his life!

On what does he do on his day off…

Alli says: “I like to go into London to get a Nando’s with my mates and then play FIFA 16!”

On what he watches on TV…

Alli says: “It’s got to be American Dad and Family Guy!”

On his music taste…

Alli says: “I’m listening to Kanye West’s new album The Life Of Pablo!”

On how his mates would describe him…

Alli says: “Hopefully funny, generous and caring – ha-ha!”

On what he’d be doing if he wasn’t a footballer…

Alli says: “It would have to be something to do with sport as I enjoy it too much, so probably a PE teacher!”

On what he can’t live without…

Alli says: “I’d say popcorn! I love going to the cinema and eating popcorn – so yeah, it’s got to be that!”

On the moment that changed his career…

Alli says: “It’s got to be the Man. United game when I played for MK Dons. It was one of my first games on TV and it was the day I showed the country what I can do!”

Did you know? Dele might only be 20 years old, but he’s already won six England caps and scored one goal!

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