What is Fun Kids Party and How Do I Listen?

The channel for when you want to party like its your birthday!

What comes right before part b?


That’s right, sometimes kids just need that party atmosphere and everyone’s guaranteed to have a good time!

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That’s why we created Fun Kids Party, it’s a children’s radio station that plays nothing but the best party tunes for kids all day every day.

With artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Kidz Bop Kids and Panic! At The Disco, you’ll struggle to stop yourself from dancing!

So what are you waiting for? put on Fun Kids Party and turn that music up!

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Click here to listen to Fun Kids Party

Fun Kids Party is one of eight new channels we’ve launched, these include Fun Kids Soundtracks, Fun Kids Animals, Fun Kids Pop Hits, Fun Kids Classics, Fun Kids Classical, Fun Kids Silly and Fun Kids Naps.

Each one is available to listen to on the Fun Kids App, via the Fun Kids radio player as well as being available on the Amazon Kids+ service on Amazon Fire tablets!

You can even listen on Alexa, just activate the skill and then ask Alexa to Play Fun Kids Silly”

Click here to activate the Alexa Skill

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