Top 10 Party Games

We love a party game... and these are our favourites!

Pass the Parcel

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We love this one! Every second is tense. A prize is wrapped with lots of different layers of wrapping paper. In between those layers of wrapping paper there might be a few smaller prizes like sweets!

You must sit in a circle with all of your friends and as the music plays, the parcel will get passed around the circle. When the music stops the person holding the parcel can open a layer!

Keep going until you find the main present.

Simon Says

The game says it in the name… you must do as Simon says.

One person in the group is Simon and will tell you to do different activities.

If Simon says touch your head then you must do it! If they say spin around without Simon Says at the start and you do it.. then you’re out!

Don’t let Simon catch you out!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

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There will be a big picture of a donkey… or any animal you choose. As long as it has a tail, of course!

You will take it in turns to be blindfolded. You will then spin around 3 times with the help of an adult. You must then pin the tail on the donkey, whilst trying to get it in the right place!

It’s very funny when the tail ends up on the donkey’s head!

The closest person will win!

What’s the time Mr Wolf?

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One person is nominated as Mr Wolf. They must have their back to the other players.

The players will line up a few meters away from the wolf.

You must all shout “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” and the wolf will turn around and tell you the time. For example “4 o’clock”.

Mr Wolf will then face back around and the players will take 4 steps closer to Mr Wolf. This will go on until you ask Mr Wolf the time and the reply is… “DINNER TIME!”

Everyone must run away from Mr Wolf and whoever is caught will be the new wolf!

You better be fast!

Musical Statues

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Bust those moves with musical statues. You might want to do the floss or the chicken dance. Who knows?!

When the music is playing you must do your very best dance moves. When the music stops you need to freeze as fast as you can and turn into a statue!

The judge will then very carefully look around the room and if you move… you’re out!

The music will start again and you can go back to dancing.

Treasure Hunt

Turn into a detective for the day with a treasure hunt.

A special prize will be hidden and you must be the first one to find it.

There will be different clues hidden around, each clue is a clue to find the next one!

If you’d prefer to be a pirate then use a map to find each clue.


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How low can you go? Lets limber up for limbo!

An adult will set up a stick or a rope for you to limbo under. You will line up with your friends and one at time you must go under the stick or rope without touching it or falling over. If you do, you’re out!

It will get more and more challenging as it will get lowered each time you try.

You have to bend backwards and only the most flexible can do it. If you do gymnastics you’ll be really good at this one!

Egg and Spoon Race

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The egg and spoon race is all about balance, speed and skill.

Line up with your friends and get ready to run when the whistle blows. All you have to do is balance an egg on your spoon and win the race.

Careful you don’t crack it!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Sit in a circle with your friends. One person will be nominated to start.

They will walk around the circle and tap each persons head and say ‘duck’. One person will be chosen to be the goose. This means it’s time to run!

The goose must get up and try to catch the nominated friend before they sit in their seat!

If the goose doesn’t manage to do this, they are the next nominated person!

Balloon Keep Up

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Whatever you do, don’t let the balloon touch the floor. You will each have your own balloon. It’s easier if they are all different colours.

You must keep hitting it up into the air. Whoever drops their balloon will be out. Whoever keeps their balloon in the air for the longest is the winner.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, why not fill up water balloons instead?

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