We asked you to write haiku on Popjam and loved your replies!

See your haiku below!

As part of our daily Summer Challenge, we asked you to write haiku on Popjam!

Loads of you replied and we loved what you wrote so much, we thought we’d share our favourites.

Haiku are supposed to be about nature and a lot of you featured that in your poems!

Many of you wrote about cats and dogs, like the one above from lilacsugar or this one from bfmob456!

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Friendship also proved a hot topic.

annabananaskin wrote this one about her friends!

And finally, food also played a very big part in your haiku!

MarshyMomo17 wrote this about marshmallows. There were also responses about pizza and even hot dogs!

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Did you write a haiku?¬†Try submitting it to RSPB’s WildVerse competition and you could win a VQ radio and get your poem read on-air!

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