Create a sound map of your neighbourhood using felt-tips and paper!

Sounds are absolutely everywhere!

Sounds are all around us. In fact, of all our five senses, hearing is the only one you can’t switch off!

We can stop touching things to switch off our sense of touch and we can stop breathing through our nose to stop smelling, but you can’t just stop hearing – even if you cover your ears!

Sounds are actually really exciting and they’re happening all the time. If you pause and listen to the sounds around you, you might hear things you never noticed before.

Today, we’re going on a sound walk!¬†

Grab a sheet of paper and some felt-tip pens, crayons, or pencils, and take them with you.

Find a comfortable spot to sit down and start drawing the sounds you hear.

Maybe you go to a park and can hear a bird in the distance – perhaps that’s blue and the sound it makes looks like waves.

Or maybe you visit a big noisy road and all the cars are grey and brown, zig-zagging, sharp shapes!

If you can’t draw the sounds, maybe just list them, with a date and a time.

Here’s an example of what a sound map might look like. This one is from Brighton Beach in 2015!

Did you know? Some people can see and even taste sound! It’s true! That’s called synesthesia.

People who have synesthesia might taste musical notes or see loud noises as big splashes of colour.

Scientists aren’t sure how people born with synesthesia get these talents – only that it might be caused by a confusion in the way the brain processes senses.

This idea came from Keri Smith’s book, How to be an Explorer of the World. She’s also the author of Wreck This Journal.¬†

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