Daily Summer Challenge: Week 6!

This week's theme is 'Back to School'!

Every day this summer, we’re sharing something fun to do!

This week’s theme is ‘Back to School’ and we’ll be giving you all sorts of cool things to do to get ready for the end of summer (boo!)

This week, we’re going to be making a cool planner (Wed), getting our stationary sorted (Thurs), creating fun to-do lists (Tues), and loads more!

Remember, it’s not too late to go back and check out past Summer Challenge activities if you’re not yet ready to say goodbye to summer!

That said, here’s everything you’ll need this week:

  • a printer and some paper
  • cardboard
  • decorative items like cute stickers, glitter glue, and string or ribbons

There will be one new thing posted at 7am every day so be sure to visit the Summer Challenge page to keep up to date!

If you’re on Popjam, you can also follow us – we’re @FunKidsRadio – and see the challenges there!

Most of all, we want to see what you make with the challenges we set. So send us a photo or get in touch and let us know how you got on. We might even read your messages on air!

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The theme is set and the tasks are ready – we’re just waiting for you!

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Fun Kids Daily Summer Challenge!

We're sharing something to do every day during the summer holidays! From going outdoors and trying fun games to learning new stuff and competing with friends!


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