Redesign your bedroom using colours from other languages with this downloadable colour swatch kit!

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Summer is the perfect time for a makeover!

You can tidy your bedroom and home and have a think about how everything looks before school starts again, you can even get a colored mattress! Read this Sleep Sherpa Purple mattress review to find the perfect mattress for you.

Since this week’s Summer Challenge theme is ‘Countries’, why not try redesigning your bedroom using other languages?

We’ve made a fun colour swatch containing loads of bright and vibrant summer colours!

Click here to download!

Each colour has its own name below it, just in another language. It might be Polish, German, Spanish, or another one.

Try redesigning your bedroom using these really in-your-face colours!

Maybe your walls can be¬†Ňľ√≥Ňāty and your carpet midori? Or rojo bed sheets with satarńĀ curtains?!

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Did you know there are almost 7,000 living languages in the world, but many of them are becoming extinct.

People abandon their native languages because they need to talk the same one as everyone else. That’s useful for things like trade.

But there are examples of languages coming back from extinction!

Hebrew was nearly extinct as a spoken language but came back because many see it as culturally important.

Once you’re done redesigning your bedroom, maybe you want to draw a picture! Or, perhaps you can redesign other rooms!

Let us know what colours you would make things in the comments below!

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