Top back to school stationery tips: Lunchboxes, pencil-cases, planners and more!

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The new school year is just around the corner…

It’s a really exciting time for everybody involved because not only do you get to learn about loads of cool stuff but you also get to see your friends!

There’s another reason school is so great: A new school year means bucket-loads of new, fancy stationery!

We’ve got a list of top stationary tips and ways you can jazz up your school gear below!

#01: School Planners!

The very first thing is your brand-new school planner.

Your school might be kind and give you one for free when you go back but we bet it’s super dull and boring!

Why not try taking some stickers and decorating your planner in loads of funky ways.

You can also print out tings like our school planner and glue it in to help you!

Click here for a free downloadable back-to-school planner!

#02: Pencil cases!

Your planner will help you keep all the mental-stuff organised, things like homework and lessons, but you’ll also need to organise your pens and pencils!

The best way is with a pencil case. Check out these super cute pencil cases below!

You might find somebody in your class has the same pencil case as you. One good way to remember who owns which pencil case is to decorate that too!

Customise it with name labels and it’ll never get lost ever again!

#03: To-do lists!

Planners help you organise the big stuff but what about the small things? Thats where to-do lists come in.

Add things you do every day to your to-do list and tick them off when you’re finished!

Click here for a free downloadable to-do list!

We’ve got a free downloadable to-do list on our website! Just download it, print it, and stick it in your planner!

#04: Lunchboxes!

Lunch is our total favourite time of the day! You get to take a break from work and eat loads of lush food!

Think about what to have the night before and remember to plan a week or so ahead so you always have something fun in your lunchbox.

Fruit is good and you can try carrot or cucumber sticks instead of crisps.

Check out these lunchboxes and see if you can make yours look similar!

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