Top photography tips for this week’s Summer Challenge!

(Rule #1: There are no rules)

You probably came here expecting some really strict rules on how you can and can’t take photos!

WRONG! The truth is, there’s no proper way to take a photograph – you can take whatever you like, however you like!

That said, there are a few things you can do to make your photos super awesome and look really nice…

The very first thing is to look through the viewfinder. This might be a little hole on the top of the camera that you can see through or a screen.

You’ll be able to see what the camera sees!

The very next thing is to hold the camera still and straight.

If you don’t hold it still, your photo will end up all blurry. If you don’t hold the camera straight, your picture will be wonky!

Now, you can break these rules! Some photos look good with a little bit of blur and some photos look good taken at an angle.

But this is definitely one of those rules where it helps to learn it first and then break it later.

Another good rule is to find a focus in the image you’re taking.

Pick something and highlight it really well by choosing your angle, lighting and composition – that’s how you frame the photo, or how it looks in your viewfinder.

Putting the focus of your image on the left hand side, about one-third in, is generally the way lots of people frame photos!

Shapes like S’es and and C’s usually make for pleasing photos!

Lastly, remember the first rule!


What does it look like when you take pictures from under the table? What happens when you take pictures up your brother’s nose?

There are no wrong answers here!

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