Visit a museum this summer and discover cool stuff about other countries!

There's a list below!

We’re setting you fun challenges to complete every day this summer. This week’s theme is ‘Countries‘ and today we’re challenging you to get to a museum!¬†

There are loads of different types of museums. You might have visited the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum in London!

Museums are full of artefacts, which are old and interesting things that can teach us about other people!

Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

The Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford is all about archaeology and anthropology.

Archaeology is all about digging up really old stuff like bones and old possessions, and anthropology is all about studying other people!

The Pitt Rivers Museum has displays on magic, pottery, clothes, and writing! It also has a whole section about Ancient Egypt and cool weapons.

Plus, you might even get to see some shrunken heads! There are worksheets you can download and take with you, too.

World Museum, Liverpool

The World Museum in Liverpool is also packed with fun things to see and do!

Right now there’s one of the UK’s biggest Ancient Egypt exhibitions on.

More than just looking at old stuff, you’ll also learn about the history of the actual objects themselves. Like how some were damaged in World War 2.

There’s also the Weston Discovery Centre where you’ll get to touch objects that are over¬†5000 years old! That means you’ll get to play with things from over 3,000 BCE…

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The British Museum, London

London’s British Museum is really well known!¬†This museum has a huge collection of stuff to do with people and other countries.

The British Museum website has loads of stuff for you and your family to complete on your museum adventure.

Just like the Pitt Rivers, there are family trails and activities like colouring and drawing to do.

There are over 1 million images of the objects online so you can even explore the museum from your bedroom!

Do you plan to visit a museum this summer?

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