Writing letters: How to, and writing letters for heroes and your future self!

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It’s not very often people write letters now! Maybe to Santa at Christmas but that’s about it!

Nowadays you can WhatsApp your friends or tweet a celeb and they’ll probably see it pretty quickly.

But sometimes writing a letter is a really good way to get your feelings out and it might make what you have to say stand out from the crowd!

Today, we’re going to write and send a letter!

You’ll need to ask an adult for some paper, an envelope, and a stamp – they’re both things you can find in offices or at your local supermarket.¬†You might also need an adult to help you write your letter!

Think about someone influential in your life. They might be a hero you look up to, a celebrity or someone who’s helped you in some way. If you can’t think of anyone like that, writing a letter to your future self is also fun…

Once you’ve decided on who you’re sending the letter to, it’s time to start writing!


There’s a very specific way to lay out letters. You start with your address in the top right hand corner, followed by their address below yours, on the left.

Then the date, and then the word “Dear”, followed by their name or title. Here’s an example…



You’ll now need to think about what you want to say!

If you’re writing the letter to yourself, think about these things:

  • What are your hopes and dreams?
  • What’s your life like right now? How old are your brothers, sisters, parents, friends?
  • What do you do? What are your hobbies, how is school or work?

If you are writing the letter to someone you admire or want to be like, think about these things:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Tell your hero how you found out about them – maybe you saw them on TV or found a book they wrote.
  • Tell them why you like them so much. Perhaps they inspire you to be more active or help others.
  • Asking them some questions may help get a reply. Do they have any advice?

Finishing the letter

Once you’ve finished the letter, it’s time to sign it off.

If you’re writing the letter to yourself, you can finish the letter however you like!

If you’re writing it to someone you look up to, you should sign your letter off respectfully. Try “From your biggest fan,” or “I am grateful for your time,” ¬†before signing your name.


You’ve definitely seen a postbox! All you have to do to send your letter is put it in an envelope and stick a stamp on it.

Stamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and pay for the cost of sending the letter.

If you’ve just written your letter on some paper you’ll need either a first or second class stamp.

They’re pretty cheap – from just 56p (that’s the price of a second class stamp) you can send a letter anywhere in the whole of the UK!

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