Fun facts about Lincolnshire:

  • Lincolnshire has 8 county neighbors – Rutland, Nottinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, East Riding, South Yorkshire, Leicestershire and North Hamptonshire
  • Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire share the shortest county boarder in the whole UK, it’s only 19m long – that shorter then a swimming pools length.
  • Lincolnshire has 50miles of coastline fun!
  • Scampton, in Lincolnshire  is the home to the Red Arrows, the famous RAF Aerobatic Team (see
  • In WW2 Lincolnshire was known as the Bomber County because it has more airfields for RAF planes than anywhere else in the UK
  • Lincolnshire people are called ‘yellowbellies’ as a nick name but nobody really knows why. Some of the best suggestions are listed HERE
  • Do you like and eat sausages? Lincolnshire is home to the famous Lincolnshire sausage which is different to all other sausages because it is made with the herb sage.
  • Lincolnshire produces nearly 20% of all the food eaten in the UK – the county has wonderful fertile growing soil, so when you eat your dinner, lunch or tea there’s a chance it’s been produced in Lincolnshire.
  • North East Lincolnshire – around Cleethorpes – is known as the ‘Bird Airport’ of the East Coast (a bit like Heathrow for humans) due to the amount of birds it attracts.
  • Lincolnshire holds the The World Egg Throwing Competition, it takes place each June in Swaton, Lincolnshire. Contestants have to construct a gravity-powered egg-hurling device to launch an egg to a waiting team member. Eggs can travel at speeds of up to 120 mph and distances to be achieved start at 30 meters – this can be extended up to 150 in this knock out competition! As teams construct their machines they will discover that the further the throw, the faster the egg.

Interesting historical facts

  • Lincoln is possible most well known for its Cathedral – the Cathedral used to be one of the tallest building in the UK but in 1549 the spire, which sat ontop of the existing tower, blew off and was never replaced –
  • The Lincoln Imp – High on the pillar of the Angel Choir in Lincoln Cathedral is the stone carving of the Lincoln Imp. The 12-inch high creature is said to have wreaked havoc over years within the magnificent cathedral, until it was turned into stone by an angel. Look at Can you find him?
  • Lincoln Castle is home to one of the most important historical documents in the UK – the Magna Carta. The Magna Carta was the very first document to set out the Law, as we know it today.
  • Have you ever lost anything ? King John lost the Crown Jewels in The Wash in 1216
  • Do you like the Romans – Lincoln has the only Roman arches (Newport Arch) in the UK which is still being used by  traffic.

Places to see

Lincoln Cathedral and Castle
Spot the imp in the Cathedral and walk the turrets, wall-walk and dungeons of Lincoln Castle


Butterfly and Wildlife Park

Pleasure Islands Theme Park
For a magical world of thrills

Butlins Splash Water World in Skegness
Fun and water rides

Grimsby Fishing Heritage Museum
An award winning museum allowing visitors of all ages an insight into the sights, smells, food, and lives of trawler man.


Burghley House
Gardens of surprise, in Stamford, opened in 2007 and is literally full of surprises! Hidden inside the Yew trees is a sight to delight with mirrors, mazes and grottoes to entice.

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre
Become a real life pilot with a runway ride in one of the two remaining Lancaster WW2 bombers.

Jolly Fisherman’s Trail – Skegness
See every part of Lincolnshire’s fun coast experience with the iconic Jolly Fisherman’s  walk trail around Skegness

Natureland in Skegness
sealThe sanctuary has released over 545 seal back into the sea and as well as being a popular attraction it has a seal hospital.  Natureland opens at 10 a.m. every day except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

Natureland Seal Sanctuary, North Parade, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 1DB
The National Parrot Sanctuary
The UK’s only dedicated parrot sanctuary, the park has 16.5acres of landscaped and over 1600 resident birds. A memorable day out for all the family.

On Your Marques, Model Car Museum
Lincolnshire is home to the UKs only fully endorsed Scalextric café! Officially endorsed by Scalextric creators Hornby, the Pitstop Café and Electric Tracks centre allow all ages to enjoy the thrill of the race round some of the world-famous replica racetracks.

For a full list of other events and attractions in Lincolnsire please see