Super Megaforce Green Ranger


Jake Holling is Green Ranger, member of the Power Rangers Super Megaforce Р Earth’s last hope against the Warstar aliens!


Jake is charismatic and outgoing, but do not take him lightly. He also has incredible strength, agility and always knows what to do on the battlefield. Enemies beware!

Jake wants very much to make his identity as Super Megaforce Green public, but like the others is sworn to secrecy.

Jake is Noah’s best friend and the two are an unbeatable force when together, complementing each other’s skills. His only weakness is his crush on Gia!

He is the toughest and physically strongest of the Rangers and usually the comic relief of the team.

However, he will also provide a word of advice and intuition from time to time and his athletic and sport abilities are a great asset to the Super Megaforce during battle.

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