Check out these #TikTokMeme Sticker videos!

Watch the video here!

It’s official. The #TikTokMeme sticker has landed.

Is it time to recreate an old classic or get the next big thing going?

What have you got? Which one is your favourite?

Check out the video here!

If you liked that, check out this one!

A few weeks ago, someone made an event on social media telling people to walk into Area 51.

That’s a top-secret military base in the middle of a desert in the United States of America.

The event’s a joke but over one million people have said they’re going. The aim is to find out what’s inside the top secret area – some people think it might be aliens!

Inspired by how funny it is, loads of you jumped on Tik Tok and made Area 51 memes.

Here are some of the best! Which one is your favourite?

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