Miley Cyrus releases new song called Younger Now!

It's all about loving who you are.

Miley Cyrus released a brand new song earlier this month called Younger Now!

The song is really reminiscent of some of Miley’s older stuff and has a nice country vibe to it.

It’s all about not being afraid of the person who you used to be. You should embrace your past and love the person you are today all at the same time!

Some of the lyrics reflect that:

Even though it’s not who I am
I’m not afraid of who I used to be

The artwork for the single even features a picture of young Cyrus!

Her upcoming album is also called Younger Now and comes out on September 29th.

Just like this song, it looks like it’s going to have a lot more of a country vibe. There’s less auto-tune on the album and a lot more acoustic guitars.

We’re adding Younger Now to the Fun Kids Radio playlist so if you listen in and you might hear us playing it!

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