Finlay and Albie tell us how to make Egg in a Hole!

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Cook School students Finlay and Albie is back and is telling us all about Egg in a Hole!

Cook School is a nationwide project that’s all about giving you real-life cookery lessons, so that you can cook yummy and healthy food for your friends and family!

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To make this delicious recipe, you will need:

  • a slice of bread
  • butter or oil
  • one egg

Plus, a cookie cutter of any shape, and a frying pan.

Remember to always get help from a grown-up when working in the kitchen.

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Put the cutter in the middle of the bread and push down so that you cut a nice shaped hole. It could be a circle, a heart – anything you want!

Then, when the pan’s hot, add the bread with a touch of butter or oil and crack an egg into the middle. Fry until it’s done!

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