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Suzie Pugh and a Monster Too!

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Welcome to Suzie Pugh’s star page – and Smert’s too!

Suzie and Smert 2Suzie is a friendly, confident and happy young girl. Her best friend is Smert, and he’s a large jelly-like alien blob from outer space!

Suzie and Smert met when he arrived by accident on the planet Earth. He liked it there and so he decided that he would stay on and live in Suzie’s Garden Shed!

Smert doesn’t know very much about life on earth, and Suzie tries to educate him as they become involved in a whole host of exciting adventures alongside load of recurring characters.

So get ready for a fantastic journey to an enchanted land. A land where everything is colourful and exciting and funny. A land where every day is one big adventure. If you are very, very good, you can visit this land every day…

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