How do DAB Radios work?

How does DAB Digital Radio work?


Fun-Kids-on-RadioFun Kids broadcasts across the country on DAB Digital Radio.

DAB actually stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting and it makes listening to radio much easier!

But how does it work?

Well, first the music from the radio station is turned into a digital code.  A few bits of handy information are added including the radio station’s name and it’s all sent along cables to a computer.

The computer is called a ‘multiplexer’ and it groups several radio stations together into a big bundle.  This bundle of codes is then pushed to your digital radio.

Your DAB Radio picks up the digital information and knows how to read the code.  It turns it back into sound, neatly labelled up and ready for you to enjoy.

If you’ve got a DAB Digital Radio – how many radio stations can you find on the menu?

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