Top tips to beat Year 6 SATs stress!

Our 6 ways to keep cool if you're doing SATs!

If you’re in Year 6, you’re probably doing your SATs this coming week.

SATs can seem pretty scary but it’s not worth getting too stressed about them. You can’t fail your SATs tests, it’s just a chance to show what you’ve learnt this year.

It’ll all be over in a few days and your SATs score definitely won’t affect your life!

Keep cool, don’t panic and just do your best!

Here’s some of our top SATs stress-busting tips!

1. Eat bananas!

If you get nervous the morning before the test, try eating a banana! Bananas can help calm you down, and they slowly release energy to keep you going till lunch!

2. Stick up Post-its!

If there’s something you’re struggling to remember, write it on a post-it note and stick it on your bedroom door. That way you’ll see it every time you leave the room.

3. Get an early night!

Don’t stay up late revising! Get a good night’s sleep and you won’t be tired tomorrow morning.

4. Take a break!

If you’ve been revising, make sure you take regular breaks and do something you enjoy for a bit. This will help you feel more relaxed!

5. Go exercise!

Speaking of which… there’s no better way to de-stress than physical activity! Take some time to kick a ball around or go on a mini-bike ride – and your brain will thank you!

6. Focus on you!

Don’t worry about what other people in your class are doing, especially if someone’s boasting about how well they think they’ll do. Everyone is different. Just focus on doing the best you can – that’s what matters.

What tips do you have for keeping calm during SATs? Comment below!

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