Activities to do at home: Guerrilla gardening, DIY window art and Peter Capaldi talks poetry with Sean

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Activity Quest is the podcast packed with things to do out-and-about. In this episode, we kick off season four with loads of things you can do despite lockdown. 

You could try your hand at guerrilla gardening. Guerrilla means ‘war’ and guerrilla gardeners go to war against boring spaces, sprucing them up with flowers and plants. Just remember to get permission first! 

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Taylor’s talking us through a piece of DIY window art that we can do at home involving crayons. You can make your own stained glass windows. 

Dr. Who is here too. Actor Peter Capaldi is telling us what Coram Voices is and their annual poetry competition. It’s open to anyone in care, like Ryan, who won it last year. We’ll hear from him too. 

Then there’s events you can do no matter where you are from great art exhibitions to Red Nose Day and more. 

Remember, whatever you do, is the place to tell us and you could be in next week’s episode!

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