Back to Normal parades and reinventing buildings

Have a go at the activities below and tell us how you get on!

It’s Tuesday and we’ve got five more things for you to do in Activity Quest Daily. 

First up, there’s a brand new episode of Fun Kids Meets out right now. 

You can find Fun Kids Meets wherever you get your podcasts – just search “Fun Kids Meets” 

Your mission today is to tap subscribe. Subscribe to Fun Kids Meets so you never miss a single episode! 

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Next up and we’re back with Nancy and The Meerkats.

They’re teaching us about copyright and intellectual property, which is a fancy way of saying what we can and can’t do with the digital stuff people make… 

Tell us the coolest thing you learn.

Third and things are tough at the moment with everyone at home but it won’t be like this forever.

Why not plan an imaginary parade for when things go back to normal?

You could design floats and flags, banners and even a menu of food people might eat. 

Draw it out and then tell us at exactly what’s happening at your Back To Normal imaginary parade. 

In at four, you’re allowed to go for a walk for exercise. 

Whilst you’re out, why not take a look at some of the buildings around you. How would you change them? 

Maybe you don’t like the way the roof looks on the shopping center and think it should be all seethrough and made of glass, or perhaps you think that the colour of one building would look better as a different colour! 

Tell us what you’d change 

And finally, how do you fancy inventing some words? 

The easiest way to do this is by mashing two words that already exist together. 

You can then write down your new word, define it, and use it! It’s as easy as that –– and if it sounds silly, it shouldn’t. This is literally how new words are made! 

So, that’s… 

  1. Subscribe to Fun Kids Meets 
  2. Watch an episode of Nancy and The Meerkats at
  3. Plan a Back To Normal imaginary parade
  4. Take a walk and change where you live 
  5. Invent a new word 
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