Bank Cards and Scavenger Hunts

Find out today's tasks below!

We’re halfway through the week so let’s see what activities we have for you today…

1. Listen to Fun Kids Book Worms

This is our podcast for all the book lovers out there!

Bex talks to the biggest authors going and recommends her book of the month!

Give the latest episode a listen and let us know what you think about it…

MOBILE: Fun Kids Book Worms

The book podcast for kids with Bex and all of your favourite authors!

2. Learn how bank cards work

Have you ever been with your parents and they use a bank card to pay for the shopping?

Well how does that piece of plastic work?

How does it know how much money your parents have in the bank and then give some of that to the shop?

Well, today we’re going to find out exactly how it works with a little help from our resident technology expert, Techno mum!

Watch her explain it all right here…

3. Take our ‘Would You Rather’ quiz

Would you rather questions are so much fun!

Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands? Would you rather sing instead of talk or always talk in rhyme?

Click here to take our ‘Would You Rather’ quiz…

Once you’ve had a go at that, why not try writing your own would you rather questions?

4. Scavenger Hunt!

It’s probably time you got off the computer for a bit and had a little run around.

That’s why it’s time for a scavenger hunt!

We want you to go around your house and find 10 things that are orange.

Sound easy? You’d be surprised how hard it can be!

Ready, steady… GO!

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5. Tell us your favourite thing you’ve learnt today

We all learn loads and loads of stuff every single day… even when you’re not at school!

That’s why we want to hear what the best thing you’ve learnt today is.

It could be anything so don’t be shy.

Just let us know what it is in the box at the bottom of this page!

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Right, so let’s recap on the 5 activities for today.

  1. Listen to Fun Kids Book Worms
  2. Learn how bank cards work
  3. Take our ‘Would You Rather’ quiz
  4. Have a Scavenger Hunt
  5. Tell us your favourite thing you’ve learned today

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