Becoming a spy and living a random day

Try your hand at the five tasks below!

We’re back with another five things for you to do this half-term week… 

Remember, tell us how you got on with these mini missions and you could be on the radio at 6pm today and in the Activity Quest podcast tomorrow. 

Listen to Book Worms

First up, it’s Bex’s podcast, Book Worms! 

Book Worms is the podcast where she meets loads of cool authors and chats to them about what’s happening in their world. 

Check out the latest episode and tell us: who’s Bex talking to this week?

MOBILE: Fun Kids Book Worms

The book podcast for kids with Bex and all of your favourite authors!

Beat Sean’s world record

Second, it’s another world record video. 

We’re sharing these every day at and we’re asking you to attempt them yourselves. 

If you do, remember to prove it below!

Today, it’s Sean. He’s in Minecraft and he’s building staircases.

Overheard conversations

Third on the list, and we’re back outside. Can you become a top spy?

I want you to head out into the open and – remembering to keep a safe distance – see if you can overhear any conversations. 

Take a notebook with you and jot some words down. 

In 1874, a poet called Rimbaud did this. He collected loads of words and just joined them all together. 

Leave your day to luck

Fourth, and look – a lot of us seem to be doing the same things every day, right?

We wake up, we have breakfast, go to school, finish school, play some games –– why not mix it up? 

Today, write down everything you do on a piece of paper. Cut the words out, shuffle them up and then tomorrow, pick them out at random and live like that for one day! You could have dinner for breakfast and lunch for dinner, you could go on a walk before bed or shower then go for a walk –– it doesn’t matter the order! 

Tell us how you get on below.

Add to experiences

Finally, if that seems a bit extreme for you, why not try adding something to an experience you already have? 

If you do chores, try doing it with music. If you like drawing, try wearing gloves as you do it – it’ll be more tricky and you could come up with some interesting results! 


  1. Check out my podcast, Fun Kids Book Worms 
  2. Have a go at breaking Sean’s world record in Minecraft 
  3. Become a spy – listen in on conversations and list some favourite words 
  4. Write down everything you do and shuffle it all up – live a random day tomorrow! 
  5. Try adding something to whatever you do anyway
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