Books, books, books!

Here's some stuff for you to do this Wednesday!

Let’s see what activities we have for you today…

1. What are you reading?

Reading is the best, there are so many amazing stories out there!

That’s what the Fun Kids Book Worms podcast is all about.

In it Bex chats to all sorts of authors all about their books.

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast here…

MOBILE: Fun Kids Book Worms

The book podcast for kids with Bex and all of your favourite authors!

Anyway, for today’s activity we want you to tell us what book you’re reading right now!

Let us know what it is at the bottom of this page.

2. Watch today’s episode of Deep Space High

We’re carry on learning all about Mars today.

In this episode we’re learning all about the temperature on mars!

It might be ‘The Red Planet’ but that doesn’t mean it’s hot, it’s actually much colder on Mars than it is on Earth!

Find out all about it here…

Tell us the coolest thing you learnt about Mars in the video at the bottom of this page!

3. Start a book club

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Book clubs are really fun because it’s basically just you and all your friends reading the same thing and talking about it!

Find a book you love, or that you’ve been wanting to read, when you’re done with it send it to your friend with instructions for them to pass it onto someone else when they’re done.

Pretty soon you’ll have loads of people that have read your book and you can all jump zoom and talk about it!

4. Write a book review

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Writing reviews are loads of fun, you can pretend you’re a real critic on YouTube or in the newspaper.

Pick a book you’ve read that you have a lot to say about and get writing!

You could even give it a score if you want.

A popular one they use in magazines is to rate the book out of 5 stars, give it a go for yourself!

5. Join your local library

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Libraries are great, they do loads more then just lend out books you know!

You can’t go to most libraries right now but lots will have virtual services you can use online.

Get your parents to help you sign up and try borrowing some ebooks and audiobooks!

So, to recap…

  1. Tell us what you’re reading 
  2. Watch today’s Deep Space High 
  3. Start a book club
  4. Write a book review
  5. Join your local library

Let us know how you did by filling in this form…

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