Cooking from cupboards and putting on a show

Find out your five tasks for today below!

1. Check out Fun Kids Meets

Fun Kids Meets is out brand new podcast!

In it we’re meeting all the biggest and best celebrities and most interesting people out there.

In the first episode Sean is talking To Nathan Evans all about Sea Shanties and finding fame!

If you don’t know who Nathan is, he’s the man responsible for the big sea trend that’s everywhere right now!

Listen to the episode here and make sure you subscribe to Fun Kids Meets.

MOBILE: Fun Kids Meets

Hear the latest celebrity interviews from Fun Kids Radio in this podcast.

2. Find out about a horrible job kids used to do!

Back in the Victorian days kids used to work at all sorts of jobs.

Most of them we’re not very nice, in fact, a lot of them were down right gross!

Watch the latest episode of ‘Jobs From The Past’ here and tell us what you think the most gross thing from this episode was…

3. Make a play!

Plays are great!

You get to write a story and then act it out for your friends and family.

We want you to have a go at writing your own play and then performing it for you family.

You could even perform it on a video call so all of your family and friends can see it!

Your play could be about anything you want, so get creative when you’re thinking of some ideas!

Don’t want to write your own? That’s okay! There are loads of plays people have already written that you can find online. Just make sure you get a parent to help you look for them.

Let us know what you did for your play at the bottom of this page!

4. Make some food

Make sure you have an adult with you to help with this one!

Loads of the food in your cupboards will have recipes on them, why not have a go at making one with your parent?

Just let us know what you make if you do.

5. Listen to some calming music

Listening to calm music is a great way to relax.

If you listen to calm music with your eyes closed and take deep breathes, it’s a form of meditation.

This is when you relax your mind to try and keep it healthy.

Why not give it a try?

If you need some calming music try listening to Fun Kids Classical or Fun Kids Naps.

Just click on which one you want to listen to here…

So, that’s… 

  1. Check out Fun Kids Meets
  2. Find out about a horrible job kids used to do!
  3. Make a play!
  4. Make some food
  5. Listen to some calming music

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