Creating a ‘Museum of Found Things’ in Activity Quest!

Find out what to do today with the Activity Quest podcast below.

It’s another week and another set of Activity Quest Daily challenges. 

We know lots of you are having a break from homeschooling this week so remember, is the place to go every day to get a set of mini missions!

Tell us what you’re doing and you could be on-air today at 6pm and in the next episode of the Activity Quest podcast. 

What would you make a robot draw?

First up, have you ever made a robot draw something?

Dan did in the latest edition of the Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast. 

He spoke to Ashley from Open AI – AI stands for Artificial Intelligence – and Ashley let us put some commands through a program which drew stuff. 

Take a listen to it and then let us know what you’d have it draw. 

MOBILE: Fun Kids Science Weekly

The science podcast for kids with Dan exploring the weirdest and coolest stuff in science!

Can you break a World Record?

Second, we’re going back through some record breaking videos! 

I mean Guinness World Record breaking. 

The first is when Dan broke the World Record for naming the most Taylor Swift songs from their first lyric… 

Why not have a go at beating him?

Go for a walk…

Third, it’s time to go outside. All this week we’re giving you something you can do outdoors – remember, you’re allowed to go out for exercise and fun, so long as you keep it local and follow the guidelines. 

Let’s explore the world around us a little bit more. 

Your third thing is step outside and go for a walk –– don’t worry, there’s more to it than that…

…and collect things en-route…

Fourth, on your walk, we want you to start a collection based on the first cool thing you find.

Maybe you find a penny – pick it up, then start a coin collection.

Maybe you find a twig that looks like the letter ‘S’ – can you find more of them? An alphabet of twigs? 

…then make a Museum of Found Things!

Finally, when you’ve got a little collection of things –– it can be as small as two or three –– then go home and set up an imaginary exhibit!

Make labels for the objects you’ve found, maybe put them on pillars made out of cardboard.

Whatever it is, you have to show us! Snap a pic of your ‘Museum of Found Things’ and send it to us…

So, that’s…

  1. Listen to the Fun Kids Science Weekly 
  2. Try and smash Dan’s World Record!
  3. Go for a walk 
  4. On that walk, find something cool and start a collection 
  5. Display that collection in your home with a Museum of Found Things!

Tell us how you did below!

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