Fingerprint sensors and making mirrors

Find out today's tasks below!

It’s a brand new week which means we have a brand new load of activities for you to try.

Let’s see what we have for you today shall we?

First of all, did you hear the latest Fun Kids Science Weekly podcast episode over the weekend?

Every week Dan tells you all about the amazing things that the world of science has to offer!

He always talks to science experts and answers loads of questions from listeners.

Have a listen to the most recent episode and tell us what the coolest thing you learnt from it is!

Second thing for today, have you ever wondered how a fingerprint scanner works?

Well today we’re learning all about how they work with a little help from Techno Mum! 

She’s Fun Kids’ resident technology whizz who knows all about loads of amazing tech.

Third thing on the list today, did you know that you can make a mirror yourself?

That’s right! It’s super simple and a really cool little experiment for you to try yourself.

All you need to do is go up to a window of your house and stick something black on it. Use black card but anything you can find should work.

Then go round to the other side of the window and where you’ve stuck the black card you should be able to see yourself!

Pretty cool eh?

Coming in at number 4 on the list, make your own word search.

I don’t know about you but word searches are my favourite puzzle, I just love hunting out those naughty little words!

But it’s even more fun to make your own and give them to a friend or family to complete themselves.

They’re super easy to make yourself just head to for instructions.

And, for the final activity of the day, impressions!

Impressions are super fun to do and we all have a good one or two in us!

So dig deep and figure out who you can impersonate the best, then do it! It could be an impression of anyone! They don’t have to be famous, it could be of your mum or dad if you wanted.

Right, so let’s recap on the 5 activities for today.

  1. Listen to the Fun Kids science weekly
  2. Learn about fingerprint scanners with Techno mum
  3. Make a mirror
  4. Create your own word search
  5. Do your best impression
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